Courageous Convo
Courageous Convo

Lacey Wilson, Legal Apprentice | Community Builder | Peace Practitioner


Hi & Welcome.

I seek to give everything I can to promote healing and provide access to conflict resolution and education for diverse communities in schools, the workplace, at home, etc. My practice is human-centered, creative, and driven by empathy. The client moves the process along; I facilitate conversation and projects to help support the end result. 

I write. I read. I'm feisty + sometimes, I cry. I create things.

I love legal education, advocacy, and conflict resolution.

I find peace in the season of summer, redwoods & ocean waves.

Interior design is a passion + volleyball is my sport of choice. 

& my wife is my living love song. Oh, & coffee.

I'm living wholly, just being Lacey. 

Here To Help.

 This space is eclectic, and encompasses many aspects of my professional skills & personal passions. I have decided to step out of the box of having only one career path or offering one service to offer resources and services in the areas I care deeply about- education & healthcare advocacy, conflict resolution, design, photography, and promoting the work and services of others I believe would be helpful to you as well.  I am here as a resource, mentor, a peace practitioner, and a creator of whatever feeds my soul. I am currently studying law as a legal apprentice through the California Law Office Study program, and I have also studied Special Education. I received mediation + conflict resolution certification through the Center for Understanding in Conflict, under the incredible leadership of Gary Friedman as well as SEEDS Community Resolution Center, both located in the Bay Area. My wife and I reside in Fremont, California where we have happily planted roots and look forward to raising our future children.