Courageous Convo



Free 30-Minute Clarity Session


This 30-minute session will be an opportunity for us to meet + for individuals to decide if I am a good fit for them to work with. I will share details about the service you are inquiring about + how it works along with my personal style of facilitating conflict. You will also have time to share what your goals are and how you believe a mediated/facilitated conversation will benefit you and/or your organization. 

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One-to-One Strategy Sessions


Individual conflict strategy can be very helpful for people wanting to learn more about their personal conflict style and ways to grow in courage + confidence in dealing with conflict at home, work, and within themselves. Clients will receive:

  • Two two-hour sessions per month
  • email and phone support in between sessions
  • "homework" assignments specific to their situation (i.e. journal topics, mood/vision board, articles to read, conflict management tips + strategies to work through)
  • final wrap-up of session(s) and next steps* 

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Private Mediation


Mediation allows for two people in conflict to work out their own solution with my help and support. It is a voluntary process, meaning both individuals must agree to participate. Any decisions made between the individuals are formed together and based on the understanding of their individual views, each other's view, and the reality they face. As the mediator, I promote discussion geared toward mutual understanding between the individuals that allows them to exchange their different perspectives, ask questions, discuss difficult topics, generate interests, list possible options, and ultimately come to a mutually acceptable agreement.  The clients have control over the process. The mediation may require a series of meetings with the parties and the mediator that promote effective communication and decision making about the issues that need to be addressed. What generally results is the creation of a sound, mutual understanding + agreement that addresses the concerns of both people.

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Professional Development Workshops




Courageous Convo would like to be a part of your school's training, development, and education. Topics are chosen based on specific needs of the employees, and workshops are interactive and hands-on, meeting the needs of various learning styles. Areas of interest may be:

  • Embracing Diversity in the Workplace

  • Managing Workplace Conflict

  • Cultural Appropriateness  

  • Listening to Understand

  • The Role of Conflict Resolution in Special Education 

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Conflict Discussions + Seminars


Are you hosting a conference, webinar, panel discussion, etc. and interested in conflict resolution as a hot topic? Courageous Convo is always seeking opportunities to collaborate with other people who share the vision of breaking systemic barriers through genuine connection and vulnerability. Contact Lacey + let's talk about how CC can be a part of your event. 

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